About Justine Wadsack

Justine Wadsack is a Conservative Republican and lifelong Tucsonan. Justine is a Military Wife, Military Mother of six, and Daughter of the American Revolution. Fighting is in Justine’s blood and that is why she has always fought to Protect the People and Defend Freedom.

Justine had a wide array of experience before she was known as the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. Justine has a diverse background in business, realty, and community engagement. Justine’s business experience in public relations, advertising, and marketing has prepared and served her adequately in her fight against tyrannical government.

Justine has been extremely active in the Tucson community. Today, she’s a Small Business Owner, Investor, and Realtor known as “the Agent who gives back“, after donating $40,000 to Military & 1st-Responders. She has helped countless unemployed citizens & small businesses know their rights to survive the tyrannical COVID-19 Restrictions of 2020.

“I will never stop fighting for the God-given rights that are guaranteed in our United States and Arizona Constitutions.”

Justine Wadsack is a Authentic Conservative Fighter. Her proven record has shown Arizona that she is Trusted Leader who has been at the forefront of the fight for Arizona’s families.

As a Daughter of the American Revolution, and like our Forefathers, Justine understands the fight for the defense of our God-given rights are never over. Justine will continue the fight to:

Defend the Ballot Box

Defend the Constitution

Defend our Medical Freedom

Defend the Unborn

Defend our Border

Defend our Families

“I will work hard every single day to fight against the Tyranny of government, so please, JOIN ME and let’s fight for Arizona together.”